Wednesday, April 25, 2012

No less busy 'round these parts!

Hello my dear sweets!

Long Time no see, talk, blog, etc :-)

I am slowly getting my life back together. 
Work has been H.E.L.L. Changes, new people, more changes, moves, not direction, UGH!
Makes one wonder should they stick around and see what happens or is it time for a change of scenery.

What a Month!!

Phew... I am soo ready for it to end and slow down.
Get back to normal, crafting chaos, instead of the hurry up and wait games we have here at Work.

Currently at the house We are FULL UP.

New puppy named Mollie. If you follow me on Facebook I am sure you have seen her. 
 13 weeks old Lab/Bull Terrier Mix and a ball of energy.

Two Puppies, 3 cats, 2 foster kittens!! Yes, of course I am still fostering kitties. So you can imagine how chaotic everything is. 
Lizard moved back home. I gave her the bonus room which was my craft room and I took over her tiny room.

Lots of painting, priming, sanding had to be done to her old room since she decided to splatter paint a wall in pink and green. Not a fun weekend of being covered in dust, fumes and paint!
Now the room is a warm inviting tan called Winter Oats. Now on to the decorating of my new craft room! Pictures will one day be done ;-) (just some plain honesty there)

Oh, We also had PROM!! Mack's First... though it was her boyfriend's. My first for hair and Makeup! We were soo excited. 

These two are sooo silly together! But they are a great couple. 
Mack... sooo beautiful!

Want to see what is adorning my front door now that Spring is here?

Gorgeous, If I do say so myself! Inspiration came from a store off of Six Forks that I recently visited here. 
And the best part is that it reaches out the grab you when you get to the door.... hahahhahahaha!

Hope to see you soon!

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