Who is Dragonfliez Creationz?

Her maker is Cherie(pronounce Sherry like the wine).
I am a full time working mother. I have been many things in my life: wife, mother, homemaker, Web site designer, nurse, PC repair technician, baker, cook, quilter, seamstress, maid, driver of the mom taxi, and currently I am a Security Dispatcher by day and a DIYer by night.

There are 3 beautiful children in the Dragonfliez household. Lizard, Mack and Monkey Man. Lizard is 17 and ready to take on the world with mommy behind her. Mack is my emotional little girl, ready with a shoulder for someone to cry on. MonkeyMan is my giver of small heart attacks, ready to ride down the hill on his bicycle.

And then there is HandsomeMan. My darling for the past 8 years.

Together we create, redo and decorate the house that we purchased in June 2010.

We currently have 5 cats... 2 of which are fosters. I think that HandsomeMan is about to cut me off or at least he thinks that. ;-)

If I had my way we would live far out of town on a couple of acres with a huge garden and lots of animals. Instead we live in the suburbs, no garden at the moment and lots of cats.

Hope you enjoy reading about our adventures.