Tuesday, March 6, 2012

And where have you been, young lady?

Where I have been?

Dealing with life. Tragedy. Pain. selfishness, apron strings trying to be cut and of course the cats.

Think I am getting back on track. Hope you all are still around.
I would love to tell you all every thing that has been going on, but I am just not ready to speak about that here.
Just know that I have been thinking about my blog alot lately. It has been far to long since I have actually created and not just sat in this room staring at the blank walls contemplating what to do, what to watch, which cat to pet... kidding. No I haven't become the crazy cat lady yet. Though the family would think other wise.
Seriously though, I have been sitting here. Pinteresting at least. knowing that I can do something.
I truly hope you all understand.

Since my last post... back in October? ( Oh, who knows when) Lots has been going on here in Dragonfliez estate. Room changes. Lizard moved out. UGH! I don't know how to feel about this. Mad, sad, just want to shut out the world. But I can't. Gotta go on. Can't run away. So now I have two rooms to redo.

Anyway. Happier note I finally finished my painting...  First Ever !!
If you like my Facebook Page you can see it.

Can you believe it?
Now maybe I should put it on canvas as I don't think handsome man will like me tearing out a piecce of the wall to get it down ;-)

I am also making "mug rugs" for work people.

Well That is all for now!

I leave you for the day knowing that I will be back soon.
And a picture of Jax and Marley!

Maybe this is why I can't work ;-)

Bunches of Love,


  1. Welcome back! I'm sorry things have been tough. Ease back into this as slowly as you need to. We are still here.
    PS - Love the cats :)

  2. Hey Cherie! We're still here... life and all its craziness, battles, laughter and tears should take priority over our blogs but it's funny how sometimes blogging helps in a strangely cathartic way. I've been on and off absent from my blog too these past months but am getting back in the swing and feeling better for it.

    Take it as it comes and I agree with Anna... ease back into it and blog when you feel like it and don't when you don't.

    Oooh and I've been lurking about admiring your pins too :) )

    I hope things get back on track for you - Big virtual hugs from across the vast expanses of internet land!!! ☺


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