Monday, June 27, 2011

Odds and Ends

Hello there my dears,

I truly hope all of you had a good weekend.
My Saturday started off early taking all 4 kittens to get vaccinated and blood drawn. Not a fun trip. Left one at the Fosters house as he was getting neutered this week and took another home.
Then off Thrifting with the MIL and Lizard.
Found some great baby clothes for $1 each. Score!
Dropped off some of Monkey Man's toys at the thrift store after cleaning his room. You never realize how many McDonald's toys a kid has until you dump out the toy box.
4 boxes of mega and duplo legos.  Where did all this stuff come from!?

On to Logan's for a good lunch and then Target for some shopping.
Have  you seen Targets swimwear for Women? OMG sooo cute.

Look coverage for the Ta-tas and the tummy! Now if it only came with a skirt bottom, but I guess that is what cover ups are made for.

Also, found a Duvet cover for my bed, although it is in a king size.
Imagine this with purple flowers

I decided to hack it up to make it a queen size and add a couple of more shams with the extra fabric.
Well the duvet came out fine.The shams on the other hand, not so good. 
  1. I have to remember not to cut fabric at 10pm.
  2. I need to write down my measurements
  3. I need to allow for seam allowances!
Ok... that is enough. I made myself cry when I realized that I cut wrong. At least it is just the side panels. the back is correct and so is the center panel. So I guess I will have to go get more fabric.

I am also hand painting a small stool in Persimmon Red by Martha Stewart. 

Not sure that I like it as it seems watery. Doesn't cover well and is streaky.

What have you been up to?



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  1. Hi Cherie!!
    I found you on Pretty Handy Girl's blog.
    Saw your name and just had to visit you.
    I pronounce my name Shur-ee (Cherie).
    Loved the visit will come back for sure.
    I also followed you!
    Have a wonderful wonderful weekend!!!!


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