Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Versatile Blogger Award!!

hello my dears,

I got an email from my bloggy friend Connie over at The Crafterbug last night stating that she had given me an award. SOO NICE to see since I really haven't done anything in a week or so, just BLAH and summer heat is not helping.

That was very nice of her! She has an awesome blog!  I think I love her blog because she is so much like me except she is a much better free hand painter! Have you seen her sewing projects??
She always has such nice things to say and I look forward to reading her blog to see what she has been up to.  Thank you Connie!!

  A Versatile Blogger is one who......... 
1) Provides variety in his or her posts  2) Entertains, informs, inspires and intrigues readers  3) Continues to grow as a blogger
So the rules are simple in receiving this award. 
Rule 1) Thank the Blogger who awarded you this great honor 
and make sure others can get to his or her site!
Rule 2) List 7 to 10 secrets about yourself
Rule 3) 
Award this to 10 - 15 worthy bloggers!

Seven secrets about me... hmmm
1) I am fairly blunt with people that I know, but shy around those I don't
2) I don't  like surprise parties ( really, who does?)
3) If I could not wear socks, I wouldn't. 
4) I like my steak rare, but often than not ask for it medium rare.
5) I am afraid that I haven't raised my children to take on the world and want to shelter them some more. My oldest is 17.
6) I have been fired once in my life.
7)  I don't like quiet, even when I am reading. Need white noise or music to keep me going.
8) I love to go thrift shopping, whether for clothes or furniture. Nothing like a deal!
9) I have a giant dragonfly tattoo on my left shoulder. ;-)

Again, I would love to thank Connie for this award, like Sally Field when she won the Oscar, You like me, You really like me!! 

Except I am not a pretty crier.

I would like to send this award out to these 10 lovely bloggers who I adore:

1. Jessie from Imperfectly Polished
2. JessieLynn at A Geek's Wife and her Dog
3. Rebecca at Chasing Cottons
5. Susie at Susie Harris
6. Michelle at delicateConstruction
8. Rebecca at You're talking too much
9. Jessica at Two Shades of Pink
10. Mary at The Domesticated Mom




  1. Oh Cherie, I am so incredibly honored that you gave me this award! Thank you so very much and it means so much to me that you feel I fit all those qualifications. You are just way too sweet! And how funny that I am included in a group of amazing women and three of us share a similar name! How fun!

    P.S. I am with you on the socks thing, girl!

  2. Haha, I hate surprise parties too! You deserved the award!


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