Sunday, September 11, 2011

10 years

Hello my dears,

10 years ago today we were all glued to our televisions living the horror that everyone around the world was feeling.  I was leaving class listening to the radio when I heard that the first plane had hit the tower. We all thought it was a joke, until the flames were coming out of the building. Racing home and running in the door yelling to my husband what had happened. He didn't believe me, as I turned on the Today show to listen to Katie Couric speak about what was happening. 
10 years ago, I remember thinking, go get the kids, and drive as far away as possible.
10 years ago, I was still married to my first husband. I was in college. I wasn't happy with my life. 
10 years ago, I was trying to get out but with 2 children, no money it was a hard decision.

It didn't happen.

9 years ago, I was in a car accident that made me think about my life and realize I was not happy. Time to get out.

Of course, we must never and can never forget the horror that happened. The pain of the victims. The pain and heart-wrenching silence when the towers fell. 
My way of dealing with this was to remember my Military training, patriotism and trusting in myself.

Never forget.


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