Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Hello my dears,

I thought today I would share with you some of my new addiction.

Grosgrain: Wow 31

I am addicted to Pinterest. I could spend HOURS on there. It is like bookmarking all of your favorites. You go to a website that you love or find interesting, click 'Pin it' that is in your bookmark bar and Voila it is saved for you to view again later.
Food, clothing, art, DIY stuff, you name it. ALL there!

Also as good as Lindt's Chocolate with Sea salt! YUM!

Ok I got a bit excited there.

Go visit Pinterst, if you need an invitation just email me so I can send you an invite or just request one.

Until Next time,

Lots of Hugs!



  1. Ok, my dragonfly has been up all of 5 minutes, and already you have sent me comment love! I figured you would dig it! I have heard that Pinterest is cool....I have just been so overwhelmed with the inspiration in plain ol' blogland! Maybe I will Pinterest soon....

  2. Ok....I am so loving that dress. Wish I could find one :)


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