Wednesday, July 27, 2011

bathroom window treatment

Hello my dears,

How is everyone's Wednesday?

I hope it is good! 

I have been looking through my posting looking for a wreath that I made at the beginning of the year, but I can't find it. So here it is! The Master bathroom window treatment.

This is what the window looked like before I decided that it need to be dressed up some more.

5 - 1 inch roll of ribbon ( cut into 9 - 10 inch strips)
1 - foam wreath
coordinating t-shirt material for the rosettes
1 strip 15 inches of ribbon for hanging

This was a bit time consuming to make.
You have to cut a LOT of strips of ribbon. And don't mind the looks that your hubby will give you when you are making this. I got so weird looks. Tie each strip around the wreath with a double knot.
You have to push the ribbons together on the wreath to make it fuller.
Once that is done, you then get to decorate it. I choose to use rosettes. Choose your own tutorial for that as there are so many great ones out there.
Then use your 15 inch piece of Ribbon to hang it in your favorite place.

Have Fun!



  1. I love the wreath.. What fun colors Cherie.. Thanks for sharing.. :)It turned out really good..

  2. Is their a chance you have some details into this project that you wish to add later? I would really like to feature yours in my Wreath Wordplay Party..


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