Thursday, July 21, 2011

lazy... just maybe

Hello my dears,

Having a good Thursday? Tis good... tis good!

Did I ever tell you that my oven broke a couple of months ago. Well it did. Heating the oven, the element blew... literally. I can still use the stovetop and the broiler, but I haven't been able to bake anything in like two months.
Starting to get to the point where I am getting creative with dinners or using the grill a lot.
Did you know that you can cook french fries under the broiler? You have to set the rack low... but you can do it. And you get crispier french fries!
Now you ask, why haven't I fix it? Sheer laziness? Maybe. Part too expensive? Nah... only $40 Busy? well work from 0630 - 1430 monday thru friday, 25 minute drive to MonkeyMan's school to pick him up at 3:45. Carpool is ALWAYS SLOW! Closest parts store is 12 miles from house and closes daily at 5. I think it may be a time thing. But I seriously need to get it done. Especially after I saw this blog:

Can we say a collective YUM?

Guess I will need to take half a day before the semester starts back up.


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  1. I could go for some scones now. Sometimes I wish my oven were broken so I wouldn't have to cook! LOL! Thanks for stopping by!


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