Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Hello my dears,

Hope all of you are doing well.

I on the other hand have been truly concerned for my kitty.

So picture this; Sleeping the good Saturday morning sleep.  You know the kind where you think you are suppose to be up, but realize you can sleep in because it is Saturday. Dozing, not quite sleeping, but just comfy and dozing. just falling back to sleep when BAM! you are awaken to wet feet. OK WHY ARE MY FEET WET?
Wrestle yourself out of the cocoon you have made for yourself and realize that your dear, sweet lovable Jax just peed on your bed. Not just a little bit, but a lot, soaking your feet through a duvet cover, comforter and a sheet.  And it smells! Strong!
Not a good thing at 6:30am!
Only thing to do was throw a towel on the bed, because HandsomeMan was still sleeping and who am I to wake him because my cat peed on my side of the bed. ;-) then take a shower.

Jax proceeded to hide for most of the day, only coming out of the closet (HA) to nibble on some food and get some water.
I don't think I even hear him scratching litter anywhere in the house. I have 3 litter boxes with 3 - 7 cats at any given moment.
Sunday I had a busy, busy day. Mother in laws, cleaning, and making the curtains for my room. Didn't even realize that my companion for most of my projects wasn't around until I went to look for him around 5.

I found him in the closet, on top of my laptop bag. Red ears, warm to the touch and cowering when I went near him.
I scooped him up and took him to the office to sit so I could get a look at him.
Looking him over I saw that his ears when crusty. There were crusties in his eyes and he didn't seem to want to put any pressure on his paws.
Looking at his paws, I saw they were gray around the claws and pads. When I tried to get the mess off, I almost got bit. Jax never bites. NEVER. love bug. Something was wrong.

Lizard and I decided that Jax's paws needed to be washed to see what was under the gray stuff.
Not a fun experience. Really Have you ever given a kitty a bath, even a cat that loves knocking over water bottles, cups and dishes. He just looked at me like "Why? Mommy? Why are you doing this?"
One soft toothbrush and dial soap later, most of the gray stuff off. Thank goodness!
Pads are a bit raw. but he can walk again.

Into the isolation kennel he went until Vet visit scheduled for next day. Clean Litter, clean water and food.
Can you see how red his ears are?

Vet said Poor Jax has a bacterial infection. Cause - Unknown.  Risk to other kitties - None.
One ear ointment, one steriod, one antibiotic 2x a day for 2 weeks. FUN for me when I get up at 5am but I love my kitty.

Hopefully soon, my baby Jax will be better and back to his loving self. I miss my cuddle bug with fur flying in my face or a tail whipping my head.

Keep my baby Jax in your thoughts.

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