Sunday, July 24, 2011

Happy Sunday and a footstool

Hello my dears,

Hope you all are having a happy Sunday. It was a lazy day around here. Went to the NC Fair Grounds today as it wasn't has hot as it has been all week. It was only 96 instead of 100+ (hahaha).
We got there around 11am and people were packing up already. All our favorite outdoor vendors were already gone. OH well.
I did get to try some microwaveable pork skins. They were actually good. As any good southern should know, pork skins are greasy, layered in fat, salt and SOOOOO not good for you. These had 65% less fat! 33% Less Sodium!  32 mg Less Cholesterol! 40 Less Calories! Still not good for you, but better. ;-)  

The day just got lazier from there until I told myself to get up and finish that footstool that you started painting last week. 

I posted a picture on Facebook last night as I was working on it. So don't forget to the like the page, you may be missing out on some postings.

So I finished it today.

What do you think? The color a good match for the chair?
Marley seems to like what I have done. ;-)

Just don't mind the blue walls those will be taken care of soon.


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  1. i love that color! it's so fun! and yes, a good match for the chair for sure.

  2. This kind of footstool is great because it can double as a side table. The color is perfect with the chair. You've created a great reading corner.

  3. Very cute! Great for setting down a drink or propping your feet up!


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