Wednesday, February 23, 2011

8 wonderful years!

hello my dears,

As Handsome Man and my anniversary draws closer, 8 years together,  I wonder what to do. We have already "exchanged" gifts. He got me this!

LOVE it! Time to get all that trim work completed.
Maybe finally doing something with those builder grade mirrors in the upstairs bathrooms.
or maybe it will sit in the box until spring/summer when I can do all that sawing outside ;-)

I got Handsome Man a lovely Drexel buffet with hutch that we found at our local Re-Store.
Isn't it B.E.A.utiful?
(just noticed the spot on the picture. sorry bad lighting and it was taken at night.)

I do wish we knew when it was made. We got it for a steal!

So what else is there for us to do? Dinner? movie? Thoughts?


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