Saturday, February 5, 2011


Hello my sweets,

 A few days ago I found a great flower corsage tutorial on Holidash by NotMartha that I also added a alligator clip to it so that I could wear it in my hair.
Here is what you are going to need:

  • one piece of felt (michael's, or a nice piece of wool felt)
  • pair of scissors
  • a pin
  • alligator clip
  • piece of cardboard
  • pinking shears
  • Fabric- tac
First, you go to Michael's with all intent of just getting the supplies for this project and then realize that you are missing other stuff for the MILLIONS of projects that are running through your head. Then realize that they are having a 40% off sale and realize you are DOOMED because you took your 17 year old with you who is trying to redo her bedroom. DOOMED.

Ok back to business.

Get all cutting done. You are going to cut three 1.5 inch strips, two 1.25 inch strips and one 1 inch strip of the felt piece that you have. Then cut out 2 circles, one about 3.25 diameter and one about 2 inches. I used two glasses as my measurements. You will also need to cut a 2 inch circle out of the thin cardboard.

Watch out for the cat's tail while you are cutting. If you donot have a cat, then no worries for you. ;-)

You will need to cut each strip in to square of the same size as the strips. So get comfy and start cutting.
Each of those squares will need to be cut into a leaf shape. One thing I did did learn while doing this is that you will need a smaller pair of scissors to cut the 1 inch squares into the leaf shapes. Put on some good music,  and get yourself a glass of your favorite beverage to cut your shapes. Makes the time go by faster.

Now you will need to put 2 dots of Fabric tac on each leaf bottom to make your leaf. Some of the tutorials say to use a heavy pot to hold them down. So that is what we tried. Didn't work to well for me. I had to put some beads in my pot to weight it down as you see above. Don't make fun. It worked for the big leaves.

While these are setting, you need to create your base. Place your cardboard circle on top of your larger felt circle. Clip around the sides of the felt so that you can glue it to the cardboard circle. I used hot glue for this part. Then you will need to hot glue your pin and clip to the smaller felt circle. I also added a small rectagle of felt to cover up the bases of the clip and pin. You can tack that done with Fabric-tac. Now hot glue that smaller circle to the felt/cardboard circle you just finished. You want to cover up the cardboard.

When the leaf shapes are set, you get to glue them to the circle base. Glue the 1.5 inch petals around the edge of the base, positioning them in about 1/4 inch into the circle. Start with the larger petals in one circle, then the medium petals and then the smaller petals. Once all that is complete you will need to get out your pinking shears to cut out a 1 inch circle to place in the center of the flower. Then this is where you are going to get glue all over your hands, as I did. Cut a thin strip with your pinking shears. I thnk mine was about 3 or 4 inches. Though I didn't measure it. Sorry. Now take that and roll it into a circle. I had to tac mine ever so often to get it to stay together. Place that in the center of your flower.

Now try it on the nearest person to you.

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