Saturday, February 26, 2011


Hello darlings,

I am sooo ready for Spring. The flowers blooming, the beautiful sun shining down on my white skin. 
Time for capris, skirts and tank tops! 

Here is NC, we have an odd spring. Daffodils start blooming, a note that spring is on the way.

Then there is the rainy, windy part that makes all of the pollen flow. This is what I am not looking forward to. When everything is lime green and I am on allergy medicine just to function.
Time to break out the grill, sit on the porch enjoy the warmer weather, kids playing in the streets and neighbors yards until the street lights come on or just going to the locate pond or lake and enjoying all the sounds and sites.

It is also time to start doing projects again!
What do you have planned for Spring?

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