Sunday, February 27, 2011

OOppps Cooking...

Busy day today.

Cleaned the garage, set up my craft area in the garage still the weather is starting to get nice.
Handsome Man continued with his quest of turning the garage into his man cave. Stars wars EVERYWHERE. Just not in my little 7 foot area. ;-)

So I decided that I have frozen overripe bananas that I will take out and make some banana bread for snack over the week... or as Handsome Man likes to eat it for breakfast.

Mixing, mixing, Read the ingredients twice like I always do. Read the instructions.
Ok... good.

While Baking it, I thought to myself, 'this doesn't smell right.' Why is it not turning the beautiful brown that it always turns? Why is it not puffing up?

DING! timer (microwave) goes off.

Not brown, but some weird yellow brown and odd consistency. NOT GOOD LOOKING.

Read the ingredient list again.

REALLY Cherie ( yes, call myself Cherie )... REALLY... as many times as you have made banana bread it should be ingrain. Should be in the back of your mind, like the Rigatoni!


well there goes that batch. sigh.

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