Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Odds and Ends and the sickies

Hello my dears, 

For the past 2 days I have been home with Monkey Man, who has not been feeling well with a sore throat and running nose. Ran out of medicine yesterday and in the POURING rain had to make a trip to the local pharmacy, I was driving to wally world (WALMART) before I realized that it was just too dark and scary to drive 5 miles.
Of course all of the V-Day candy was on clearance, the medicine trip turned into Medicine, bobby pins ( becuz you can't have too many of those when you have two teenage girls) and candy. All in all, $12. Not bad at all.
Though I forgot how tart sweet tarts are as I haven't had any real candy in a while as I am on a D.I.E.t.  Fun times at 10pm at night, reading other blogs and making faces due to the tartness.

This weekend I picked up some sample paints at the ReStore place, if you haven't gone... GO NOW. $2 for Sherwin Williams Paint to go jars. Bigger than sample paint and I think it is usually $7 a jar at the store. But the formulas are on the side and you can still get it made.

Ok... back to the paint colors. I am desperate to find the perfect blue gray or light blue for my bathroom. Horrible at making those decisions!!! Just ask my family... and I rarely take their suggestions on paint color. And of course I didn't open any of the paints at the ReStore place. I depended on the bad lighting and other people eying the same colors. 

Picked up the following:

Halcyon Green - Tradewind - Lemon Twist - Spun Sugar - Languid Blue - 
Two others I already had on hand were Blue Silk and A beautiful French Gray that I got in Lowe's Oops paint.
OK.. go ahead and laugh.. we did... See this is what happens when I can decide!

And that is what you get. Sorry about the horrible lighting.
Yes, Lizard and I laughed too. See the smiley face, our thoughts on that paint color. 
The flesh color is the Spun sugar... WHY PEOPLE? WHY? Last I looked spun sugar doesn't look like peachy flesh of my grandma!
SOOOooo... I am guessing I am going to chose between the Tradewind and Blue Silk.

In other news I did get to change out the builder grade mirror in my bathroom to this!
Yes, I know it isn't centered... at the mercy of the wall studs. That mirror is HEAVY! Woodbriar by Drexel. Work in progress here though. Still need to get rid of those Hollywood lights.

Until next time


  1. The mirror looks great and I love all the sample paints!!!

  2. I Love Re-store.
    and on your paint, I Like trade wind the best.
    Just wanted to say thankyou for the birthday Wishes.


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