Sunday, March 6, 2011

Rainy Rainy Sunday

Here it is Sunday Afternoon, rainy dreary and not able to do my stairs as the little one can't go outside to play.
Listening to some Adele and some new Indie Rock that Lizard is introducing me too. Has any listened to 'The Black Keys'? Awesome!

Today is Mack's birthday. 15 years old and such a sweet emotional girl. Cares soo much about everyone and would give you the shirt off her back.
i do believe that is my fat buttt in the background.
She has requested my special bbq ribs for dinner with mashed potatoes.

Last night, Handsome Man and I got a wild hair up and decided to put up an old mantel in the living for knick knacks or pictures. It was going above the front door, but it just didn't look right.
Soooo, I thought What about behind the couch?? We needed something back there as it was sooo bland.


So cozy now! 

See the mantel?

HAHA hidden... now a place for MonkeyMan and the cats to hide.

Now Paint color? We are installing wainscotting or board and batten in here.
But you know me and paint colors... TOOO MANY DECISIONS!

Well until next time,

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