Friday, March 25, 2011


Hello my dears,
Sorry I have been gone for the past week.
Work has had me but the A*** this week and no time to do anything. All I wanted to do is sleep when I got home. Too much retraining!


I promised to show you the table redo.

Ok. I am a bad blogger and could not find a before picture. I looked and looked for awhile... ok about 5minutes. And then something else caught my attention, then I remember I was writing a blog... DUH... You will forgot me right??  Right?

Just imagine this black... really black. Spray painted.
And yes, I know you are jealous of my veggie can props. ;-)
And yes, I was painting in my kitchen.

The color is a silvery gray. Ahhh silvery gray. I think it is my new love. These pictures aren't so good, I think my little camera is not letting these colors come out.

Minor distressing with a sanding block to bring out the black underneath.

Now I need to find a new knob as this one is not doing anything for this piece.
C'est la vie. 
On to Hobby Lobby next week with the MiL. Maybe I will find one there.

And unfortunately, this is an oops paint from Lowes. It was Valspar primer and paint combo, which I have never used before and a little goes a LONG way!

Until Next time,
Hopefully not next weekend!



  1. I love your veggie can props! Keepin' it real! The table looks fantastic. I could totally see this table with a crystal knob...or something really funky.

  2. cherie, that color is beautiful! i love it!


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