Thursday, March 31, 2011

Crazy Cat Lady and Family

Well hello there my dears,

Those that know me know that my children are close to my heart.

The Vain One
 The Emotional One

The Daring One
Monkey Man
I love my children, though they do grate my nervous frequently occasionally :-)
Monkey Man loves giving me mini heart attacks with his many adventures in bike riding and riding on the scooter.

Then there are the cats. My babies, yes, there is baby talk involved. I don't do it to humans, but animals get it all the time. Weird.

Murphy, the shy one

Marley, the curious one and eater of all food.

LOVE the cats.
Marley was a field rescue that Lizard brought home and needed a lot of medical attention.
Murphy was from another rescue group that I dealt with, however I was not happy with them and the way they communicated with potential owners.
My baby Jax was a foster to adoption from Alley Cats and Angels of NC. He was shy. A little bunny kitty when we got him. Now he is thriving.
I now support Alley Cats and Angels of North Carolina. Wonderful ladies. The group is dedicated to trapping, neutering and returning cats to the places they came from.
Please everyone spay and neuter your animals. That is all on that soapbox. :-)
We will soon start fostering 2 more kittens as they have so many that don't have their forever homes yet.

Have you thought of doing this? Have you fostered an animal?
Would love your thoughts on this.



  1. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.
    What a great looking family you have.
    I have two dogs and about twenty chickens. I call them my furry friends.
    That is wonderful that you are helping with the cat rescue. I am sad to say that I am allergic to cats. So I am not able to adopt any kitties.

  2. I actually have 2 stray cats.
    One came with my house, she's quite the mouser. It took some doing and now she's my little sweetie.
    And my big ex-Tom cat! He just showed up one day! He was thin and a mess. He is the greatest cat in the world! So much personality and has to sleep on my head, or my neck every night!

    I love my kitties! I hope your cats accept your new little kittens! I hope they don't leave pee marks!! I hate that!

  3. Hi Cherie,
    You may have read in my blog about our fostering of Katy, the greyhound. She's 8 1/2 yrs old and never had a real home. We have 2 of our own dogs that were "rescues" and love them to pieces.
    Your kitties are cute as can be, and so are your kids! ;)
    Love your names for them. cute!


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