Saturday, March 5, 2011

GONE baby Gone Part 2

Hello my dears,

FINALLY I have done some more work on the stairs.

Sanding, filling holes and caulking has been completed.

A lot of bending over has made my lower start to scream at me. And yes these stairs are loooking mighty ugly right now, but it will be beautiful when I am finished. Whenever that may be ;-)

P.S. I have 5 followers now! Wooot and 2 are from blogland that I read. 

And finally got a good picture of Handsome Man and his kitty, Murphy. She is very skiddish and hates to be picked up.

Until next time,


  1. Those are going to be gorgeous when you get them finished. Your one of followers and would you mind to let me know how my blog appears for you. I use a different font and on my end it looks good. I need to know if it is easily readable and if the size is really small or a good size to read. I would greatly appreciate it. Be honest! It only improves it for others. Excited to be following your journey!


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