Thursday, February 10, 2011

Baby Shoes

Lately I have been seeing the cutest baby clothes and wondering where all this was when I was pregnant with my children. My SIL is pregnant with her first child... A little girl!! And the girl in me wants to spoil this child with handmade clothes and blankets to be swaddled in. Too bad my sewing skills aren't that great to make clothes, but there is a learning process.

I did make my first pair of booties that I gave to a co-worker's daughter. 
I found the easiest pattern that even I could work with.
The pattern called for shoe leather or some felted sherped something or other for the bottoms, but I thought this is a BABY let's make them warm and cute, so I used MINKEE inside. Ohhh the softness.

What do you think?

Let me know if you would like the pattern, I am sure I can find it somewhere in the mess that is currently my crafting area.

P.S. Did a bit of retail therapy tonight with the Family. Got some new tools and 2 new dresses! W00T!

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