Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Starting out!

Here it is, 2nd of February, 2011. After reading many, many blogs and being truly inspired. I have decided to take the leap into blogging.
A leap into believing that one can do this. That one can open up and show the world what they have to offer and see what the world brings back.
Running a house with both parents that work, 2 teenager girls and a rumbustious 6 year old little boy is a chore in itself. No, I do not have it all figured out nor do I want to. I think it makes life more fun to be on the roller coaster, though I do wish some days that it wasn't sooo bumpy or would simply slow down so that I could relish in the joys of raising my children.

Come back to visit me, Handsome Man, Lizard, Mack and Monkeyman for our ongoing adventures in life.


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