Thursday, May 12, 2011


Hello my dears,

My Addiction on my phones... yes that is plural. (Work  cell and home cell)
Angry Birds
Who has played?
I started a few months ago after getting my hair cut and seeing a woman playing it while waiting on her mother to finish getting her hair did ;-)

Addicting little game. My son has even gotten me through a few levels.
Well now my friends you can play it online!!

You have to install Google Chrome Browser, which I recommend and love it!

Go play and see how addicting and how much you yell at the screen while playing, resetting the level over and over and over just to try to get 3 stars... AHHHHH who cares about the 3 stars, just get me through the level!


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  1. My husband put the angry birds app on my ipod last week. I'm not really a electronic games person, BUT I TOTALLY agree with you, it's addictive.


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