Sunday, May 15, 2011

Back from a long weekend

Hello there my darlings, my dears!

It has been one whirlwind of a weekend. Full of wedding stuff, walking, cooking, cleaning and just down right tiring. Pot Luck bbq's are the best. There was soo much food. I would like to thank everyone that came.

The wedding was short and sweet. Our Judge had a serious southern accent. Took all I could not to start laughing. Seriously, how does one make the words North Carolina into a 8 syllable word?
Pictures were taken in one of the parks downtown, remind me to wear regular shoes when walking downtown. Kitten heels are not fun. Feet are still hurting.

This weekend I didn't get any crafting done. NOT A BIT... seriously jonesing for some sewing, hot glue, burning my fingers making flowers.

Speaking of Flowers, a lot of people asked how big was the flower that I made for my wedding was. I hope this helps.
Don't Mind the Hair... weather was not cooperating.

So I started reading my list of blog feeds I had from the weekend and found out that Shannon over at ShannonMakesStuff LOVES my wedding flower. I am so proud. Giddy actually :-)

Thinking about creating a Etsy store to start selling my flowers and hair accessories. Still debating and for those of you that know me, know I do that A LOT.

Well hopefully this week will be low key.


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