Friday, May 6, 2011

Alive and Well... Maybe

Hello my dears,

This has been me for the past week.
Courtesy of Lizard.
yes, on the couch. WIPED. No motivation, no cleaning, no cooking, laying my big arse on the couch due to a sinus infection. Doesn't that sound fun?

A few things that I have realized this week:
1. There is never enough DVR'ed Law and Order: SVU or LA
2. Make sure you have someone willing to take the Monkey Man so you can sleep peacefully without someone opening your eyes every five minutes hour asking for something to eat.
3. Make sure you have a comfy pillow otherwise the couch pillows will give you a kink in your neck.
4. Make sure when you have to make a trip to Walmart for medication you don't over exert yourself.

Yes, It has not been a good week. Finally today I feel better, antibiotics are a wonderful thing. 
Vacuumed the house, after a week on no vacuuming and 6 cats is was kinda getting gross. Yes, people, keeping it real. The girls are not allowed to touch Mommy's new vacuum, as they like sucking up large things like paper or hair clips. Anyway, all vacuumed, kitchen clean, couch back to being a couch instead of a sick bed and I think my DVR is finally cleared out. 

Can I go back to work please??? 



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