Friday, May 27, 2011

Chicken Dinner Score!

Good morning all,

Hope you all are ready for a fun filled weekend.

What does this picture have to do with this post?  Absolutely NOTHING. This is about as constructive as I have been all week. Purple Toesies!!!

What to know what happened this week? I know you do.
Hello, any one out there? ( why do I hear crickets)

Here is a story (of a lovely Lady) whose oven decided that it didn't like her using it all the time. Cooking, baking, broiling, roasting. Maybe it just wanted to be cleaned and decided it couldn't wait any longer... Who knows!
I could go all dramatic on you, but I won't as it is kinda boring... but it was my adventure for the week.
It was chicken dinner night. Tuesday. Baked chicken, some rice and corn. YUMMY!

Preheat oven
Season Chicken
Shu Big cats away from chicken
walk out of the room to check on kids and kittens.
Come back into kitchen
Notice a bright light coming from the oven.

Look down and think the "ok, the light is not on." Open oven to see a BRIGHT RED spot in the baking element which looks like it is melting. Turn off oven. Hear a pop.
Open Oven, because you have a death wish. Element is broken in two pieces.
Try to take pictures to show HandsomeMan - Too dark in there
Close oven
Check other burners and broiler.
All works.
Score! No more baking for me ;-)

Grab Charcoal and lighter fluid, cuz we like fire and lighter fluid = larger fire to get charcoal going.
make dinner on the grill.

Handsome Man stated that was the best chicken he has had. I must make it like that all the time.
In 9 years together, THAT WAS THE BEST CHICKEN????

well at least now I know how to get him to eat chicken. And know I know why my oven has been acting wonky.
Also this week I found out you can cook French fries on the grill, Whooooo KNEW!

What do you have planned for the Holiday weekend?
Apparently I have a weekend of grilling since the appliance store is closed until Tuesday.



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